Murder at the Manor

TF2 Custom Gamemode


  1. Do not Ghost, sharing locations or roles with alive players will not be tolerated.
  2. Do not Mic spam, this includes talking for so long where others cannot speak.
  3. Do not randomly kill players as a Bystander, hunting down a player before he/she has done anything in the round will NOT be tolerated.
  4. Do not grief, this include purposely baiting the Bystander with the gun to kill you.

Game Instructions

The Murder at the Manor gamemode is a reference to the Garrys Mod gamemode with a few twists that make it function in TF2. There are two teams, Murderers and Bystanders. The bystanders must find out who the murderer is and eliminate them, while the murderer must find the bystanders and eliminate them before the time runs out.

The basic details for each role will be described below.


Bystander's main objective is to find out who the murderer is and eliminate him/her. Just be careful, killing players that are not the murderer will affect your gameplay immediately and have consequences for the oncoming rounds. The revolver has a slow reload time and only 1 bullet in the chamber.

Getting a Gun

The first way to get a gun is to pick it up off the ground after a bystander that already had the gun dies. The revolver will glow bright blue, you can pick it up by walking over it or pressing your 'Call for Medic' button (default is 'E').

If you are not selected at the begining of the round to have the revolver than you will need to collect Artifacts, after collecting 5 or more then you are given a gun to defend yourself with. Artifacts will glow green, simply walk over them to pick it up.


The murderer's main objective is to eliminate the bystanders secretly. The abilities will help the murderer kill the bystanders. Be sure to pay attention to the bystanders trying to collect Artifacts, as the guns can easily stack against the murderers, as the murderer you can also pick up Artifacts, however it will not give you a gun if you collect the needed amount. There can be multiple murderers at one time, the murderers can use team chat to communicate with each other as cooperation is the key to winning against the odds.

Watchout, pulling out your knife or cloaking will give away that you're the murderer.


Silent Backstabs - Normally the bystander will scream as he's being killed, which would give away your location, however a backstab will be silent.

Cloaking - This ability will help you escape a sticky situation and is activated with your mouse2 (same button for activating cloak as a spy).

Knife Throwing - Throwing the knife will allow you to instantly kill players from a distance. There is a power meter that appears when you hold down your Reload key, when you let go of the key it will launch the knife with the power shown. You will need to pick the knife back up after it's thrown, you can do this by walking over it or pressing your 'Call for Medic' button (default is 'E'). The knife will also glow red when it's on the ground